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No Parole for NYPD Officer Sean McDonald’s Killer

As seen in the NY Daily News here.

In thinking about Sean McDonald’s death in 1994, I am reminded of the scene at the hospital where he had just passed. The hallways lined with grieving officers. In the room with him were me, Mayor Giulliani, Jack Maple, Lou Anemone, John Timoney, John Miller, a Department Chaplain, and several others.

It suddenly got very quiet in the hallway outside. His wife had been picked up at the restaurant where she was working and helicoptered to the hospital still wearing her waitress uniform and apron.

Then-DCPI John Miller remembers, as she rushed down the hallway the only sound was the coins in her apron jingling. It was that quiet. She did not know that Sean had passed. It was the first line of duty Giulliani had to face as the new Mayor. He would have to deal with many more in the years ahead.

It’s human tragedy scenes like this that the new Governor and the Parole Board need to be more mindful of before they release any more killers of police officers and add to the unbearable grief that the families have lived with for years.



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