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Bailing on responsibility:

As previously detained serious offenders are granted pre-trial release, elected leaders must take another look at recent criminal justice reforms

“Cuomo for president” (in Spanish) said a man facing criminal charges carrying up to 96 years in prison for allegedly dealing fentanyl-laced heroin linked to at least one death.

José “Catano” Jorge certainly knows who to thank for the perversities of bail reforms the Legislature and governor concocted earlier this year.

Cash bail, the old way, is a moral wrong; it makes innocent-until-proven-guilty people’s pretrial freedom contingent on how much money is at their disposal.

But rather than eliminate it entirely, and give judges the power to order people held when they present a flight risk or are deemed dangerous to the community, the Legislature last April chose to mandate pretrial release for all but a pre-set list of offenses.

More from the NY Daily News here.



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