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Careful, Queens: Is the borough prepared for a radical shift in prosecutor’s approach to sex work?

With Rory Lancman dropping out and throwing his support to the Democratic Party’s pick, Melinda Katz, it’s official: 31-year-old public defender Tiffany Cabán, a bright young lawyer who’s never run an office of any size, could well become the next top prosecutor in Queens.

Official, and officially concerning. There are other reasons why, but here we focus on one headlong leap into the unknown that Cabán would usher in.

Cabán wants to decriminalize sex work. Not just refusing to prosecute prostitutes themselves, which other candidates are also calling for, but letting those who seek out their services (johns) and the people who employ and promote them (pimps) off scot-free, too.

Two top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, backed Cabán this week. They did so despite having both recently voted for a tough new federal law, FOSTA-SESTA, that has a 180-degree different approach to sex work.

More from the NY Daily News here.



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