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No relief in climate change actions

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Cop communications from the winter of 2014-15 show — gasp — that the NYPD was doing its job in the wake of the riots in Ferguson, Mo.

The nearly 700 emails sent between November 2014 and January 2015, and released after a Freedom of Information lawsuit, simply attest to the fact that the NYPD was keeping a close watch on groups of Black Lives Matter activists in the wake of the Ferguson unrest.

“The emails were a means for NYPD to receive reports and photographs from its undercover officers and civilian sources, to provide information to its operatives at the protests and to allow the NYPD officers on the ground to communicate among themselves,” said lawyer M.J. Williams, whose law firm obtained the messages.

Sounds like a cop’s job. And looks, as Police Commissioner James O’Neill said Thursday, like it was done by the book: It’s perfectly legal to use undercovers at public meetings, especially when a major outbreak of violence is a serious possibility.

More from the NY Post here.



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