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Cops turn fare evasion bust into gun and heroin arrest of parolee

A minor subway crime led police to a major drug bust.

When cops nabbed a serial turnstile jumper in the Bronx last month, they grilled him about other possible crimes and hit the jackpot — a gun and heroin arrest of an ex-con whose parole was just about to end.

According to NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan, the Aug. 7 arrest of Jasaun Davis, 27, proves small investigative steps can lead to a big payoff. And it all started with a farebeater.

On July 17, a straphanger was busted for fare evasion at a Bronx subway station, but because he was a transit repeat offender, he was arrested rather than released with a summons.

More from the NY Daily News here.



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