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Melinda Katz declared recount winner as Queens DA fight heads to court

Katz is back!

The New York City Board of Elections declared Monday that Queens Borough President Melinda Katz narrowly topped her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed challenger, Tiffany Cabán, in the Democratic primary to become the county’s next district attorney by a margin of just 60 votes.

But the fight for the party’s nomination will continue Wednesday in Queens Supreme Court, where public defender Cabán plans to argue the BOE improperly excluded hundreds of ballots that could once again tip the scales in her favor.

“The parties — that were the subject of the litigation that’s coming up — were given full, fair, open and transparent access to every step of these proceedings,” said Board of Elections executive director Michael Ryan. “At the conclusion, the faith of the public will rest easy.”

More for the NY Daily News here.



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