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NYC coddles the privileged, pain-in-ass anarchists who spit on cops

The first thing to notice about the young, ahh, lady arrested in Manhattan Wednesday for spitting in a cop’s face is that she was back on the street before they had time to test the cop for rabies.

Think of that as cause and effect.

The second, as Joe Biden inches slowly toward his magic number, is that a goodly number of 2016’s sore losers intend fully to become 2020’s sore winners, should it come to that, so nobody reasonably can expect peace and quiet. Preening self-righteousness is like crack; once you’re hooked, it’s hard to give it up.

And it would be hard to find a preener more suited to the moment than the chick this newspaper’s genius headline writers have tagged the Phlegm Fatale — Devina Singh, 24, of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, who hangs at high-end swimming pools in Miami, gets busted at “peaceful protests” in Manhattan and smugly hurls hockers at cops.

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