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NYPD cops go beyond the call of duty to help Manhattan homeless man

Who needs a lucky rabbit’s foot? Wilfredo Falman Jr.’s big break came courtesy of a canine’s canines.

When a Chelsea pooch chomped on the homeless man’s hand last month, two 10th Precinct cops came to his aid — and this weekend, the two dropped about $200 of their own cash to fix Wilfredo up with a spiffy new haircut, a pair of glasses and a brand new suit.

“They always tell me something new about what they’re doing to get me out of the streets and get my life back,” said Falman, 34, as he fought back tears during an interview with the Daily News. “I’ve only known them for a month, but they’re very professional. I love them.”

Gone are his unruly mop of hair and his basic black T-shirt, replaced by a closely-cropped new hairstyle, a white collared shirt, and a black suit with matching tie.

More from the NY Daily News here.



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