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NYT’s call to block bail-law fixes is packed with distortions, deceptions

We don’t normally respond to attacks in other publications, but Mara Gay’s “editorial observer” column in Wednesday’s New York Times deserves an exception: It’s a deceptive call on the Legislature to resist fixing last year’s botched criminal-justice reforms that includes distortions of our months-long campaign for vitally needed changes.

Gay claims that the “effort to destroy bail reform” only “really began to pick up steam” with last month’s “spike in anti-Semitic hate crimes.” And “The New York Post, true to character, helped things along by telling the story of Tiffany Harris” — who was released after allegedly attacking three Orthodox women, then was re-arrested the next day on charges of punching another woman.

“True to character”: You think she’s referring to the fact that this newspaper, unlike hers, reports on street crime?

More from the NY Post here.



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