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Our Tolerance For Criminals Will Soon Be Tested

Last week law enforcement officers from across Chenango County attended training to prepare for the impending monumental shift in our state’s criminal justice system. The law changes on the horizon are so weighty the District Attorney, Mike Ferrarese himself lectured the gathering of cops and deputies.

Beginning January 1, 2020, changes in two areas of NYS laws will drastically impact law enforcement and prosecutors; pre-trial confinement using bail and the rules involving the discovery of evidence.

These changes in the near future are significant, intricate and include many details and a few exceptions, however, my column will only cover the wave-tops of the subject matter, nonetheless, you should all get the gist of what is coming in about 83 days.

First let’s look at Part I, pre-trial bail. Bail exists to ensure people will return to court to face their charges. Another reason to incarcerate someone on pre-trial bail is public safety, but that will seldom be the case after December of this year.     

M ore from the Evening Sun here.



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