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Subway graffiti is making a resurgence in NYC

Graffiti is on the express track back into New York’s subway landscape, MTA data obtained by The Post shows.

After holding at around 200 markings in stations and on trains per year in the first half of the decade, the number tripled to 619 in 2018, and sits at 537 as of Dec. 18 this year, the figures show.

“There’s a lot more going on now, I think, than five years ago,” confirmed one New Jersey-based graffiti writer, who declined to be identified — or reveal whether they’d ever turned the city’s subway system into their canvas.

“The floodgates open from time to time, and the internet helps more people think that they can pull it off,” they continued, noting, however, that most serious artists eschew the notoriety that comes with posting their handiwork to social media.

More from the NY Post here.


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