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Family, cops slam judge over light sentence for teen who dragged cop with stolen car

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

The teen gangbanger convicted of dragging an NYPD detective for several Brooklyn blocks with a stolen car — leaving the lawman permanently confined to a wheelchair — was sentenced Wednesday to a mere 1 ⅓ to 4 years behind bars, sparking outrage from fellow cops and the victim’s wife.

A month after Justin Murrell was acquitted of attempted murder for dragging Det. Dalsh Veve through the streets of East Flatbush, convicted by a Brooklyn jury on a lesser assault charge, Veve’s colleagues and relatives were let down again when Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Ruth Shillingford sentenced Murrell to only a fraction of the 10-year sentence he faced.

The judge “spit on every shield on every chest in this city” with the ruling, railed Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch. “She spit on our hero.”

More from the NY Post here.



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